Credit Union Certificate Calculator

Credit Union Certificate Calculator for Free

If you are holding credit union certificate, this calculator will lend you a hand to find out the earnings during maturity. You just need to input the amount of initial deposit, term length of the certificate, rate of return, and the way this rate will compound.
Initial deposit
Your amount of investment on the credit union certificate. This is just the beginning balance of the certificate.
In months, the maturity of the certificate.
Interest rate
The rate of return on the credit union certificate.
Annual percentage yield (APY)
APY or annual percentage yield is the yearly rate of return you actually earn on the investment. This rate can be used to compare certificates with different rates and compounding methods.
The is also the yearly expected rate of return from your chosen investment. In reality, the actual rate of return may not be the same, rather lower, as the investors will need this emergency fund at any time, it is wise to have constant and stable inflows of funds and therefore invest with a conservative approach. As high return is subject to high risk, you can choose short-term investment opportunities to offset the time volatility and higher risk premium. Theoretically, this is the future rate of inflows predicted at present time. So, it is usual that the actual return will fluctuate that of expected.
The frequency by which the rate will compound. More frequently compounded rates will provide you with more returns. There are five options for you choose from. They are: compound daily (365 times in a year), compound monthly (12 times in a year), compound quarterly (4 times in a year), compound semi-annually (twice in a year), and compound yearly (only once in a year). So, the daily compounding will lead you to the maximum output.