Investment Goal Calculator

Online Investment Goal Calculator for Free

You might have targeted an amount of gain to be earned from any particular investment. This financial calculator will show you the ways you can reach your targeted goal. Well, this is crucial indeed to evaluate your current investment strategy and take corrective measures if needed. Integrating your target, rate of return, term length, contribution frequency, compounding method and other required information, ACalculator will find out tax and inflation adjusted amount that you need to invest to achieve your goal.
Investment goal
The target you want to achieve from your investment.
Years to accumulate
Planned number of years you will have to save.
Amount of initial investment
Beginning balance to start off the investment.
Periodic contribution
Your planned amount of contributions during each of the periods. Check the box at the bottom of the calculator to let the calculator assume that you make those contributions at the beginning of each period.
Contribution frequency
How frequent you will make the periodic contributions. You can contribute weekly, bi-weekly, semi monthly, monthly, quarterly, and annually to the investment.
Compound interest
How regularly (daily, monthly, quarterly, or annually) the interest will be compounded. The more frequently this occurs, the sooner your accumulated interest will generate additional interest. You should check with your financial institution to find out how often interest is being compounded on your particular investment.
Make deposits at beginning of the period
If you check this box, ACalculator will assume that all your contributions will be made at the beginning of your chosen contribution period.
Rate of return on investment
The rate of return you are expecting from your planned investments. You can also select the accumulation frequency of your earnings in your investment account.
Expected inflation rate
Your expected rate of average inflation over the long-term. Among other methods, Consumer Price Index or CPI is used to estimate inflation in United States.
Federal marginal tax rate
The rate of federal marginal tax applicable on your investment based on certain criteria. This is showed by the following filing status. The filing status shows applicable tax rate for different persons. This information is combined with the estimated taxable income to calculate the marginal tax rate.
State marginal tax rate
The rate of marginal state tax rate. Sometimes this rate is deductible from your Federal tax return. If this is the case for your investment as well, check the appropriate box under the calculator.
Deductible state taxes
Check the box, only if applicable, to adjust your total tax rate for any deductible state tax rate.