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Four Free Financial Calculators You Need Before You Retire

A classic coupe, a cozy two bedroom home and a bank balance big enough to afford an annual vacation to the Pacific. This...

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Thing to Know Before Using Mortgage Tax Savings Calculator

When it comes to home mortgages, it is possible to save more than most people realize. Since home mortgage interest is tax deductible, you can save plenty by itemizing these deductions. This is what the mortgage tax savings calculator helps you calculate.

On paper,...

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Can a Calculator Help You Avoid Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is one of the scariest terms in the financial world. While annual bankruptcy rate keeps rising and falling over the years, the overall percentage is still high. A total of 1,261,140 bankruptcies filed in 2012 means this many number of people were so financially devastated that they were no longer able...

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FHA Loans | How a Calculator Can Help You Decide?

If you have decided to buy a home, there is one very important thing you need to know; the government has provided a number of options to help you avoid going default on your mortgage payments. One of the most sure-shot options of this kind is the FHA loan.


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