Breakeven Analysis

Breakeven is the point of zero profit and zero loss. The point is so vital because you must climb over this point to make profits from your business. But it is only possible if you know the quantity of products to be sold to reach this point first. This ACalculator is a great financial analyzer and will help you to find out the breakeven point. Additionally, you can find out the amount of profit by selling a certain number of products.
Variable unit cost
The unit cost that varies with the number of products to be produced.
Fixed cost
The fixed amount of cost needed to produce a certain unit of products.
Expected unit sales
Your expected product quantity to be sold.
Price per unit
The expected selling price per unit.
Total variable costs
Total amount found by multiplying the number of units and variable costs per unit.
Total costs
The amount of fixed and variable costs all together.
Total revenue
The realizable amount from selling all products. This can be found by multiplying expected unit sales and price per unit.
Difference of total revenue and total cost.
Number of units you must sell to make a profit or loss of zero.
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