Cool Million

Free Cool Million Calculator

This calculator will show you the way you can be a millionaire after a certain age. To do so, this calculator will use your current age, millionaire target age, investment amount, savings, expected return and inflation. Switch to the reports to have a graphical presentation of the findings.
Your age
Your present age.
Millionaire target age
The age you have targeted to establish yourself as a millionaire.
Amount currently invested
Your current amount of savings or investments.
Savings per month
The amount of money you will contribute to the investments at the beginning of every month.
Expected rate of return
The percentage rate of return you are anticipating from the investments. Input the after-tax rate of return if you wish to use the same for this calculation. This rate compounds annually.
Expected inflation rate
The expected average rate of inflation over long-term. You can use the consumer price index (CPI) to determine the prevailing inflation rate in the market.