Credit Card Pay Off Calculator

Credit Card Pay Off Calculator for Free

Using this calculator it is so easy to choose a strategy effective to successfully pay off the credit card loan. Moreover, you can adjust your plan to achieve a set payment goal. The integrated reports will display the repayment schedule along with principal balance and total payments. Tell the calculator about what is your current outstanding balance, what is your payoff goal, what is the annual percentage rate etc. and find out your desired result. The integrated graphs and charts will help you to visualize the findings more easily.
Current balance
Balance currently remaining on the credit card.
Interest rate (APR)
The effective rate of interest charged on the credit card loan. This is known as annual percentage rate or APR as well. Annual Percentage Rate translates various fees and charges of different mortgages into a single and standard rate. So, you can gauge and compare whatever number of mortgage options you have with the same standard. No matter if there are higher rates but lower fees or lower rates but higher fees, they will be integrated in common measurements.
Payoff goal (in months)
Number of months by which you have planned to fully repay the credit card debts.
Current monthly payment
Amount of money you are paying monthly to reduce the credit card debt.
Additional monthly charges
Your expected new monthly charges that will be added by the creditor.
Annual fee
If the creditor charges any annual fee, mention it here.
Major purchase
Amount of money you expect to spend on a major purchase.
Months from now
Remaining number of months after which you are expecting to carry out a major purchase.
Credit Card Pay Off Calculator
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