Life Expectancy Calculator

Online Life Expectancy Calculator for Free

You will wish to spend your retirement savings for the time you live after your retirement from work. So, this is clear that how much money you will require after the retirement is correlated with your life expectancy. Using your lifestyle and family history, this calculator will try to find your probabilistic life expectancy. JavaScript is required for the proper functioning of this calculator. Beside, click on the ‘Allow Blocked Content’ if you are browsing with Internet Explorer.
Current age
Enter your age on the day of calculation.
Your gender. This information is required as there are different mortality tables for males and females.
Mention here whether you are a smoker or not. Your smoking habit will reduce your estimated life expectancy.
Weight & height
Mention your height and weight on the specified fields. Weight and height mismatches can affect your life expectancy.
Alcohol Consumption
If you drink alcohol, mention here how often you do so. Your drinking habit will seriously affect your life expectancy.
Refer to your accident history if you use to drive car. This calculator will increase your life expectancy if your driving history shows no or very few accident cases.
Blood pressure & family medical history
Select the severity of your blood pressure along with how regular you test out for blood pressures. Also, choose the appropriate option for your family’s medical history for diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular problems.