Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Calculate Your Most Fertile Days: Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Presently! Simply figure your pregnancy due date with this medicinally demonstrated due date calculator. Get a thought when precisely another conceived joy is arriving. Get this free tool and foresee your next period that when precisely you will be most fruitful & approximates the associated due date.

Pregnancy Due Date Estimator – Conception Date

Pregnancy is the crucial and the most important part in every woman’s life. The Due Date Calculator helps in approximating the due date of your pregnancy. On the basis of your first day of the last periods you had and by estimating the average length of your menstrual cycle, the Pregnancy Due Date Calculator will try to exemplify the most credible pregnancy due date. This calculator tells you

This calculator also presents the dates when you would complete three and six months of your pregnancy to help schedule your regular check up with your doctor.

Reverse Due Date Calculator to Calculate Conception Date

This conception calculator helps in determining the conception date, which includes the day of the week. It is based on the year, month, or a day you select of your pregnancy due date. This calculator incorporates selectable dates going back 100 years, which implies it can likewise be utilized to compute origination dates and days of the week for SOME dates of conception happening inside the previous 99 years.

Do you want to know on which date and day will you conceive? If yes, then simply you need to enter your birthday date or due-date if your birth was pre-mature. And then, click on the button “Calculate”. Remember! That if you desire to gauge when exactly your baby is about to be born. Then, you must go for Pregnancy Due Date Predictor.

What if your due date is not able to rectify?

When a woman gets pregnant, she definitely has its due date. Sometimes, in few women cases, it is easily rectified and sometimes it takes time to stumble upon. Doctors say that instead of giving a specific day for women, we should give them a month’s time. For example, saying them congratulations! Your due date is near. It could be at the end of the April or starting of the may month. So that the stress level should be maintained.

What if your due date surpasses?

The most important thing to do is to recognize that it was a speculation in the first place, most children are conceived within two weeks of their due date, in either bearing. If your pregnancy completes 42 weeks, then an incitement of labor ought to be considered, however, not before the end of the 42 week point, with the exception of therapeutic evidences.

Estimate Your Pregnancy Due Date With This Calculator

With the use of this calculator, one can know that when is the right time to conceive. No matter, you are already pregnant, or you are just making a guess that when you will deliver a child, this calculator is incredible to get an anticipated due date.

Keep this in mind that the due date calculator always requests for your Luteal phase length. Now, you might be getting a question that what is Luteal phase. So, it is the moment between ovulation and your period. If you draw on a chart or graph of your cycles, you perhaps know how long it is. And, if you don’t, you perhaps don’t. Better leave the space blank, if you are not sure that what exactly your Luteal phase length is.

How To Use the Due Date Calculator?

To make use of the pregnancy due date calculator, you need to follow few steps:

To know the first day of your last menstrual cycle.

Then, enter the length of the menstrual cycle.

Apart from this, one can even enter the day of ovulation, the weeks and days of the pregnancy on ultrasound, or the IVF egg or embryo transfer date.

Then, this calculator will tell you when exactly the baby can come.

Unlike Pregnancy Due Date Calculator, there is also one more tool which is quite an exclusive and versatile. This tool is an offline tool, which is known as the Ovulation Calendar. Also, 9-Month Pregnancy Wheel assists in finding out a woman’s ovulation date and gives out as a traditional pregnancy wheel after conception has occurred.

How Pregnancy Due Date Calculation is done?

Date of ovulation and fertility: these are the two things on which the reckoning of the most excellent estimated due date (EDD) is based. The EDD is further calculated by adding 266 days to the day of ovulation/fertilization.

Don’t panic! If you don’t know the exact date of your ovulation because it can be calculated. Now, one can count or calculate her due date by adding 40 weeks (280 days) to the fairly accurate first day of your last menstrual period in a 28-day cycle. If your menstrual cycle is longer or shorter than 28 days, then the day of ovulation may amend and this calculator takes that into consideration while calculating the EDD.

To use this calculator, all you need is to hit upon your IVF due date.

Then, you can enter your last menstrual cycle and the date you enter should be 14 days prior to your egg retrieval.

For IUI, you would enter the date 14 days earlier your booked IUI. Enter your menstrual cycle length as 28 days and your luteal stage length as 14 days for this computation. For instance, if someone’s egg repossession was on January 15th, then she should enter January 1st as your last menstrual cycle.


**Note that, the results of this Pregnancy Calculators are estimations grounded on averages.