Profit Margin Calculator

Profit Margin Calculator Online

ACalculator is a great financial manager. Using this Profit-Margin calculator, it is so easy to find out a selling price that will generate your desired amount of profit. Analyzing the wholesale cost, markup percentage, and gross margin percentage, you can find out selling price of up to ten products at a time.
Product name
Name of the specific product that will be calculated here. This will be shown in the report to compare with other products recognized by their respective names.
Wholesale cost
The wholesale cost of the specific product you want to sell.
Markup percent
The rate by which the selling price will be increased and calculated on the wholesale cost.
Selling price
The selling price of the product. This price will cover your cost of production and your expected profit.
Gross margin dollars
The difference between selling price and wholesale cost.
Gross margin percent
The amount of gross margin dollars converted in percentage rate.
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