REIT Tax-Equivalent Distribution Calculator

REIT Tax-Equivalent Distribution Calculator for Free

Have you invested in Real Estate property through REIT? If the answer is ‘yes’, you must know the amount of federal tax on your real estate investment. This calculator will find out the amount of tax-equivalent distribution for income from REIT or Real Estate Investment Trust investments.
REIT distribution before taxes
The before tax distribution of the Real Estate Investment Trust during the year.
Portion of distributions that represent return of capital
A portion of the whole distribution amount that signifies the amount of your invested capital returned to you. So, this is not an income in reality and thus reduced from the tax amount. Here, the investor pays on capital gain at a reduced rate from the usual income tax rate. The return of capital or ROC should be reported in Box 3 of a REIT’s 1099-DIV.
Estimated taxable income
The estimated amount of income that will be taxed. This is the before tax income found by adjusting exemptions and deductions from the income. This taxable income is combined with the filing status to calculate the rate of marginal tax rate. Form 1040 or Form 1040A of income tax will help you to find the taxable income for this year. Consult with your tax advisor to get help on this regard.
Federal tax filing status
This filing status shows applicable tax rate for different persons. This information is combined with the estimated taxable income to calculate the marginal tax rate. Following are example of applied rates of federal tax for the year of 2013. To learn more and updated info, click here.

Filing Status and Income Tax Rates 2013*
Tax RateMarried Filing Jointly or Qualified Widow(er)SingleHead of HouseholdMarried Filing Separately
10%$0 – $17,850$0 – $8,925$0 – $12,750$0 – $8,925
15%$17,850 – $72,500$8,925 – $36,250$12,750 – $48,600$8,925 – $36,250
25%$72,500 – $146,400$36,250 – $87,850$48,600 – $125,450$36,250 – $73,200
28%$146,400 – $223,050$87,850 – $183,250$125,450 – $203,150$73,200 – $111,525
33%$223,050 – $398,350$183,250 – $398,350$203,150 – $398,350$111,525 – $199,175
35%$398,350 – $450,000$398,350 – $400,000$398,350 – $425,000$199,175 – $225,000
39.6%over $450,000over $400,000over $425,000over $225,000
*Caution: Do not use these tax rate schedules to figure 2014 taxes. Use only to figure 2013 estimates. Source: 2013 preliminary tax brackets subject to correction
Federal income tax rate
The calculated marginal rate of federal income tax. This rate is found once your taxable income and filing status are defined.