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Free Online Calculators – Complex Unit Conversions and Crunching Financial Numbers Made Simple, Easy and Quick” Whether you are a mortgage consultant, broker, tax advisor, energy consultant, petroleum industry consultant, tax preparer, financial consultant or investment analyst or automotive engineering consultant, crunching numbers and correct unit conversion for clients to help find best alternatives is a part of your profession.You can explain the feasibility of choosing one option over the other in words but this will not win over your client’s trust and confidence unless your words are backed by proper calculations.

However, performing lengthy and complex calculations for hundreds of clients quickly and accurately and using a variety of tricky formulas can be time consuming and sometimes frustrating. This is exactly what helps you with. We offer over 300 online calculators . Our extensive variety of free online calculators also includes

At we offer a comprehensive suite of financial and unit conversion calculators giving you the ability to calculate mortgages, taxes, investments, currency conversions, fuel consumption, data storage converter, interest rates, return on investments, insurance and just about everything in seconds.

You can use it by yourself or let your clients use them on their own by putting our free calculators on your website.

Wide Range Of Conversion Calculators

At, we offer a wide range of unit conversion calculators ideal for both students and professionals from diverse industries including but not limited to automotive, petroleum, thermal, heat treating and engineering consultants to name a few.
Our broad range of conversion calculators include:

  • Electricity converters such as charge conversions, surface current density conversion, electric potential conversion, electric resistance conversion and current conversion
  • Engineering converters such as velocity and angular conversion, density conversion, moment of force conversion and moment of inertia conversion
  • Fluid converters such as flow conversion, flow molar conversion, viscosity-kinematic conversion, concentration-solution conversion and permeability conversion
  • Heat converters such as fuel efficiency-mass conversion, temperature interval conversion, thermal expansion conversion and heat density conversion.
  • IT &Typography converters such as data transfer conversion, typography conversion and data storage conversion
  • Light converters such as luminance conversion, luminous intensity conversion and frequency wavelength conversion
  • Magnetism converters such as magnetic field strength conversion and magnetic flux conversion
  • Misc converters such as prefixes conversion and volume-lumber conversion
  • Radiology converters such as radiation-activity conversion and radiation conversion

Give Your Web Visitors the Power to Perform
Calculations on Their Own

If you offer services that require complex and tricky financial or unit conversion calculations, then it is advisable to install a calculator on your website. This gives users the power to calculate and perform conversions without any hassle. With just a few clicks your site visitors can calculate important things. By placing a conversion or a financial calculator on your website, you empower your potential clients to carry calculations on their own with transparency. This seeds confidence and trust of the clients in your services because there are not many service providers out there who are transparent and ready to share complex calculations with their clients, thereby giving you the edge.

Simple Installation Process

Our calculator installation process is very simple, no coding is required. All you need to do is copy paste our code on your website and that’s it.No Server Support Required To install our free online calculators on your website and use them with ease, there is no need for any kind of server support from your hosting company. At we enable the best functionality and performance with the least resources. We use CDN (Content Delivery Network) to deliver web pages and content to users based on their geographical location. This helps the servers nearest to your website users to respond to their requests and deliver the content fast.

Personalize the Calculator to Your Brand Image

You can brand and customize color scheme of our free calculators on your website to suit your site’s look and feel. To learn how to brand the calculator of your choice, check the White Label section.



Our calculations and registration process is absolutely free.
Choose a calculator and watch your profit margin soar.

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