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Our Calculators. Your Website. Your Brand. A Calculator’s spectacular White Label Calculator service lets you put our calculators on your website and brand them as your own. With our wide variety of calculators, it’s easy to find a calculator that your visitors & potential clients will need. With A Calculator’s help your visitors can easily calculate mortgages, taxes, loans and other important financial details. A calculator can work wonders for your website and business if you’re looking to attract people who might need help with their financial calculations.

You can choose from our wide variety of calculators that includes:

Mortgage Calculators
Investments Calculators
Savings Calculators
Australian Loans Calculators
Australian Savings Calculators
Canadian French Calculators
Canadian Loans Calculators
Tax Calculators
Retirement Calculators
Auto Loan Calculators
Business Calculators
Personal Calculators
Insurance Calculators
Debt Calculators
Loan Calculators

Effective, Cost-Effective.

You can avail A Calculator’s White Label service for a free subscription. A Calculator offers the best value through its White Label program. You will enjoy a brilliant ROI as you impress, attract and convert your website visitors. A Calculator helps you realize that that you can build a successful website with a free of charge Calculator for your site. Not everything needs to have a fee in order for it to be lucrative. You can get the best online financial calculators, and brand them as your own at no charge. This is good business for a lot of reasons.

Build and Boost your Brand

One of the most important aspects of successful online businesses is their unique identity. You need an exclusive brand to stand out from the crowd and that’s exactly what A Calculator helps you do. While our Free Calculator service is an excellent way to augment your website with useful tools that attract and please your visitors, our new updated White Label service takes it to another level. You can complete customize the calculators to suit your website and brand’s experience. In addition to matching the colors and themes of your site, our White Label enables you to make the calculators completely your own.

Your visitors don’t just get a calculator, but a ‘branded experience’ which is very good for you. People using the calculators will find it much easier to trust you if you have your well-developed brand. Using our calculators under your brand adds considerable credibility to your site and business. This credibility invariably translates into higher revenue, whether your income source is based on converting visitors into clients, or on online advertisements.


Easy to Execute

A Calculator is all about simplifying things. Whether it’s figuring out a mortgage payment, or installing a calculator on your website, nothing is difficult. You don’t need to use any coding to put our calculators on your website. All you have to do is simply copy our code and paste it on your website and you’re done. So whether you have a technical team or manage these things yourself, integrating our calculators on your website is a swift and simple process. For step by step instructions, watch our video here.

If you have considerable traffic on your website, A Calculator’s calculators will help you monetize it. If you don’t have a lot of traffic, A Calculator’s calculators do their part in increasing the traffic since they make your website a lot more useful. Add to that the branding advantage of our White Label solution, and there’s no stopping your site from being a trusted source of financial calculators.

In any case, don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your business with our calculators.

People will visit your website with the main intention of finding more about information about their mortgage, tax, loan etc. They’re looking not just for explanations but realistic figures, reliable estimates etc.

Numbers and calculations are the best form of information. So when they find these reliable numbers from a calculator on your site with your branding, they will turn to you or your referrals when they need professional services for their financial planning.

Making the most of A Calculator’s White Label service is simple. Just sign up and with few clicks you can build and/or expand your site by adding the best online financial calculators available.

Server Support and Optimal Performance

A Calculator’s White Label service comes with complete server support. This means you don’t have to tax your current hosting server with the additional burden of the calculators. At A Calculator we try to make things as simple, effective and efficient as possible for all our users.

Moreover, A Calculator operates its servers under a robust Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our goal is to deliver the best performance in terms of speed and accessibility and our CDN helps us accomplish this goal. The CDN works by delivering web content to users based on their geographic location. So when users visit your site, the server nearest them provide them the content, enabling them to use the calculators without any hitch. So you can rest assured that your website users will not experience any errors or issues because of our calculators.

Free Updates

Updating the calculators is extremely important. The financial calculators are based on figures and percentages that are established by the law. Laws change and when they do, they render certain calculators inaccurate. You don’t want your users to calculate their financial matters on these obsolete calculators. The inaccurate calculations from these can be very costly if people make financial decisions based on them. This is why A Calculator provides free updates to all the calculators that you are utilizing under the White Label solution. We are committed to helping every user make the most of our user-friendly financial tools. These free updates also include those for improved functionality and new features.

Add 700+ Calculators to your Brand

A Calculator has over 300 calculators covering diverse and popular categories ranging from mortgage and retirement to savings and taxes. Moreover, the A Calculator team is constantly working on new financial calculators. So as our range of calculators grows, so does your brand. These can be seamlessly added to your existing A Calculator White Label account. This helps you maintain and improve your own calculator brand as you offer your users the best financial calculators on the web.

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