I wanted to pay off my mortgage real fast, to save money on my interest. By I didn’t know how much my accelerated payments would be, so I used their Bi-Weekly Payment Calculator. It really helped. I just inserted the required information and I got my answer. It’s quick; it’s simple and above all reliable.

Jane Adams

I was struggling with planning my estate taxes until I discovered estate tax planning calculator. This calculator helped me calculate estate value and also gave me estimates of the overall taxes for upcoming years. It’s super functional. Thanks ACalculator.com

Charlie Luke

The fear of sizable tax obligation for withdrawing money from my qualified retirement account often worried me. I wondered how much my net withdrawal would be after taxes. To estimate it I used 457 Plan Withdrawal calculator. And I’ll say it’s quite effective and detailed.

Kevin Sparks

Home buying on mortgage never seemed this easy. I used FHA Mortgage Loan calculator to help my calculate the maximum FHA mortgage for home purchase and my required down payment and closing cost. It helped me foresee the future and enabled me to make an informed decision. I am glad I used it.

Sarah Heart

I wanted to invest in stocks and grow my equity so I used the Stock Option Calculator at ACalculator.com. This calculator is fantastic. It helped me determine the value of the stocks for the next 25 years. Looking at the future stock value, I decided to invest in the stocks with confidence.

Casey Jones

Compare Savings Rates calculator is great. It helped me analyze the impact of different rates and see my total savings.

Lynn Frank

For me determining the effect of payroll deduction was always a challenge until I found out about Payroll deductions calculator. All I have to do is enter the information regarding my payroll and it takes care of the rest. Now I can easily see and compare data and make better decisions.

Jessie Joans

Figuring out emergency savings has never been this easy. I use emergency savings calculator to help me determine how much and how I can begin saving. It’s the best way to cope with emergency financial needs. I have my savings, which makes me confident that whatever comes my way, I will handle it.

Kim Arnold

I was always confused about whether I was eligible for tax refund or not but thanks to Earned Income Credit Calculator, my confusion was cleared.

Eddie Chris

I use breakeven analysis calculator to determine how many product units I have to sell in order to breakeven. It helps me estimate the point that I have to reach in order to make profits.

Lisa Kunis

To ensure my business remains liquid and I don’t run out of cash flows, I use the cash flow calculator. It provides me cash flow estimates and ensures I have enough money to pay my employees timely.

Bruce Mark

I’ll be honest; I am not a technical expert so finding financial ratios was quite difficult for me until I started using financial ratio calculator. Whether I need to find liquidity ratios or operational ratios this calculator helps me with all.


Inventory management is not an issue for me as it was before. Now I actively use the inventory analysis calculator for all my calculations.


I recommend everybody to use line of credit payoff calculator. This calculator is a quick way to estimate the time frame it will take for you to payoff your line of credit. I used it and I am happy with the results.


I used the Credit card payoff calculator to see all the available options for me to pay off my credit card and whether any modifications can be made so that I can successfully pay my dues. It’s a great help for credit card holders like me.


I was thinking of repaying my auto loan fast, but I wanted to know how much I could save on interest if I do that. Therefore I used the auto loan early payoff calculator at ACalculator.com. It helped me see the financial difference and also see a detailed analysis of my payment schedule.


To ensure my capital does not dip low and I run out of cash, I use the working capital needs calculator. It helps me determine my capital needs for the coming year.


I think ACalculator.com offers a stunning variety of financial calculators. I use them all the time for various needs. The calculators make complex calculations for me quite simple.

If you like me are confused whether debt consolidation is a good idea or not, then I would recommend you Business debt consolidation calculator. Insert a few parameters and it will provide you valuable insights helping you make informed decision.


I found the repossession of real property calculator quite useful in determining my gains and repossession cost.

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