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Anorexic weight calculator The Anorexic BMI Calculator analyses the chance of having Anorexia Nervosa, means you weight is not

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Best Body fat calculator Online The online Army Body Fat Calculator will help you to determine whether you meet the body fat goal set by US

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(BMI) Body Mass Index Calculator

Calculate Your Body Mass IndexBMI or Body Mass Index Calculator is all equipped to determine whether your weight is appropriate of not The Body

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Basal Metabolic Rate Calculator

Calculate Your Basal Metabolic Rate! Using this BMR Calculator you can estimate the rate of your basal metabolic This BMR Calculator (BMR

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Health, Weight & Fitness Calculators For Men & Women

Healthy Weight Assesment. Find out your numbers for BMI, belly fat, healthy weight, and more. Get tips, too. Determine how much you should weigh based on your height. Our body weight calculators are available for women & men.

Health, Weight & Fitness Calculators For Men & Women

List Of Popular Weight Calculators

What Are The Benefits of a Weight Calculator?

A weight calculators are the exact tool that can provide you information about how many calories you can burn up by performing some exercises. It will provide you a suggestion on how much to eat and how much to work out. Thus, a weight calculators are significant to make sure that the method you are going to lose weight is fit and secure. Acquiring the same is not so difficult, and you can locate a number of free weight calculators on the internet. A majority of people are not aware of the benefits of a weight calculator that could help them in losing weight. These valuable tools offers the dieter with appropriate information regarding the number of calories required every day, so as to burn them suitably by way of executing some exercises.

An online weight loss tool is great at facilitating a person how much exercising is needed, and what types of foods are most useful in assisting them burn calories. Always keep this in mind that a BMI Calculator is very helpful in losing weight in a secure and healthy way. Putting your hands on these weight calculators will not cost you anything, since there are a lot of free weight calculators available online.

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

This is the most commonly used calculator, and it will let you know whether your weight is in proportion to your height. The more the BMI of a person, the more obese he or she is. Some people believe that they are already obese or overweight. With the aid of Body Mass Index, the height is considered as a vital factor. In other terms, the calculation of both balanced weight and height is achieved. You can categorize your weight whether it's normal according to your height or not.

What is BMR?

Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the amount of energy expended while at rest in a neutrally temperate environment, in the post-absorptive state (meaning that the digestive system is inactive, which requires about twelve hours of fasting). The BMR Calculator will calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR);

Women BMI Calculator

Women BMI Calculator provides you a good initiative in terms of evaluating what is presently going on with your physical condition or health and how to transform it. The Female BMI Calculators are a well-liked and popular tool that provides you a chance to progress your health and gather the weight loss target. They utilize the latest online technology to craft things much easier to use. You can build your meal plans in a proper way, and there is absolutely no need to worry about anything. The Body Fat Calculator helps in establishing the amount of calories that are being consumed on a daily basis. It tells you about a good calorie deficit in order to lose weight.

What should my BMI be?

BMI is a good pointer of the body’s fat content, and it’s not the similar as the body’s fat percentage. Although, fat has a significant role, but less fat or too much fat can cause various health problems. With the purpose of determining BMI, utilize the free BMI calculator to get an appropriate value and evaluation. An average BMI ranges from 18.5 - 24.9, and your BMI should lie in the normal range. In case, the BMI value is lesser, then you may be too thin or underweight. In contrast, if the BMI is greater, then you may be flabby or overweight.

How is BMI calculated?

Body Mass Index (BMI) is a tool that aids in the comparison of your height and your weight. You will get an idea whether you are underweight, obese or healthy according to your height.

Step 1

Make an effort to weigh yourself on the pounds scale.

Step 2

Evaluate and measure your height in inches utilizing the measuring tape. Just position yourself against the wall, and with the help of a pencil, make a spot at the top of your head, and then make its measurement.

Step 3

Utilizing the paper, pencil and simple calculator, carry out the BMI calculation:-

  • Measure your height in inches, and multiply the number of inches by the equal number of inches.
  • Divide the weight (pounds) by the figure i.e. height in inches squared.
  • Multiply the answer obtained by the change factor of 703(if pounds and inches used). You will get your BMI (Body Mass Index).

Formula for BMI calculation:

BMI (kg/m²) = Weight in Pounds x 703/ height in inches²

BMI (kg/m²) = Weight in Kilograms/ height in meters²

What should your BMI be?

BMI - less than 18 denotes - Under weight.

BMI - less than 18.5 denotes - Thin weight.

BMI - ranging between 18.6 - 24.9 denotes - healthy weight.

BMI - ranging between 25 - 29.9 denotes - Overweight

BMI - 30 or greater denotes - Obesity

What is a good BMI for women?

BMI is based on the:

  • Sex of the person.
  • Age of the person.
  • Height of the person (in feet and inches).
  • Weight of the person.

All of the above factors are considered when calculating a BMI score.

The normal range for a woman will go down into a percentage, and at the age of 15 years, the BMI index for an average result is 16-17.

  • 20 years: 24 – 26 BMI
  • 30 years: 26 – 27 BMI
  • 40 years: 27 – 28 BMI
  • 50 years: 28 – 29 BMI

The Internet is growing at a very fast pace, and there is no doubt it’s the wonderful place to locate all information in relation to weight loss and everything you want. A free weight calculator will be able to define and track what is required to attain your weight loss target. You will be definitely able to build a complete diet plan on the basis of information you provide. A good example of an efficient weight calculator is the calculation of body mass index (BMI). About its availability on the internet, a lot of people are familiar with this tool. They love to understand why excess weight is not good for them, how to make use of the body mass index (BMI) calculator, and higher the BMI the more obese they are.

Before going to use a weight calculator, you must know the different kinds of weight calculators. You must find out that which one is the most accurate one for you.

  • You can get help with eating of food, and a dietician’s help to understand nutritional values. A personal trainer can be contacted if you need enthusiasm for physically working out. When changing lifestyle, you should discuss with a physician to look for their advice. Online weight loss calculators serve as an easily accessible tool in all aspects.