Weight Watchers Points Calculator

Are you intending to maintain your weight? For those who want to gain, control or lose their weight, ACalculator is offering this free Weight Watchers Points Calculator. Maintaining weight is now an easier way using this Weight Watchers Points Calculator since this calculator introduces a system where food components (protein, carbohydrate, fat, and fiber) are assigned with points. So, you can see how much you are eating daily in terms of points.

Weight Watchers Points – Points Plus and Pro Points

PointsPlus and Pro Plus are two systems developed by Weight Watchers. The PointPlus system is used in U.S. and the Pro Points system is adopted the U.K. In this Weight Watchers Points Calculator, both these system are presented with latest adjustments which took place in 2012.
The new systems use protein, carbohydrate, fat, and fiber as food components to calculate Weight Watcher points. Previously, only calorie, fat, and fiber were used to calculate points.

Daily PointsPlus

In this Weight Watchers Points Calculator, you can estimate the daily PointsPlus target using the Daily PointsPlus option. Though it was designed to estimate daily PointsPlus target, Pro Points target can also be estimated using this option as there is no significant variation between these two systems.
Input your age, gender, weight, height, and level of activity to determine your daily target to be monitored using this Weight Watchers Points Calculator.

Foods and Points

Following table shows you the food points assigned by the Weight Watchers for some common foods.



PointsPlus (Since 2012)

Apple1 small (4 oz.)


Banana1 medium (6 oz.)0
Mango1 (8 oz.)0
Orange1 (4 oz.)0
Pear1 (5 oz.)0
Peach1 (6 oz.)0
Watermelon1 cup0
Beef, regular, cooked1 slice (2 oz.)4
Chicken, cooked1 slice (2 oz.)3
Egg1 (2 oz.)2
Fish, Catfish, cooked1 fillet (6 oz.)7
Pork, cooked1 slice (2 oz.)6
Shrimp, cooked1/2 cup (2 oz.)1
Bread, regular1 slice (1 oz.)2
Butter1 tea spoon3
Caesar salad3 cups9
Cheeseburger1 (McDonald Medium)12
Chocolate1 oz.4
Cucumber1 cup0
Hamburger1 (McDonald Medium)9
Lettuce1 cup0
Pizza1 slice (5 oz.)8-14
Potato (uncooked)1 cup (8 oz.)4
Rice, cooked1 cup5
Tomato1 cup0
Apple Cider / Juice1 cup3
Beer, regular1 can or bottle5
Coca-Cola Classic1 cup5
Diet Coke1 cup0
Milk, low-fat (1%)1 cup3
Milk, low-fat (2%)1 cup4
Milk, whole1 cup5
Orange Juice1 cup4
Sprite1 cup5
Yogurt1 cup6

**Note that, all the above mentioned points are estimation on the basis of usual quality of foods. So, the points can vary in reality depending on the quality, type, the way cooked or prepared etc.